Why Drones Will Rule The World

Drones use something called swarm technology. What that is is think of mass fleet of drones. Let's just say 10+. They can talk to one another in the air via radio signal and Wi-Fi. They know exactly where each other is at at any particular time in the air. They can line up abreast for miles and miles and miles all putting their thermal cameras down at the ground with all overlap. You have this continuous thermal image for ten miles and you can push all those drones at the same speed looking for that person that's missing at sea.

                                    The best part about it, though, once they find that person at sea, they can stay on station for hours and hours at a time. This big white drone here with the long wingspan, that can stay airborne for 18 hours. 18 hours, and look at the size of it. You can put thermal cameras underneath there to help the victim that's in the ocean. The best part about that is it can collect relevant data: wind speeds, temperature of the ocean, thermal temperature of the actual person in the water himself. They can actually start doing health assessments on that person prior to the rescuers getting on scene.

                                    What's important to remember is it's really not taking humans out of the search in search and recovery. It's just increasing human efficiencies. Let the drones do the hazardous part. Let them search for the person. Let the skilled rescuers do what's more important: the rescue itself.

                                    Within the energy sector, within gas and oil companies, currently right now they're using ground personnel in aerial vehicle, manned, in order to locate leaks. Right now they're using small drones to monitor for pipelines, geological mapping, topographical mapping, capacity planning, which brings everybody's household bills down because drones are much more efficient and cheaper. Like I said, 18 hours of flight time. A helicopter can't do that. Humans still have to go to the bathroom. They still have to eat. There's no way that they can stay airborne for 18 hours.

Top Drones In Our World

                                    Another great feature with drones is you can do hyperspectral cameras on the bottom of these to monitor for methane and leak detection within pipelines. Humans, yeah, they can do that with helicopters and ground personnel, but there are so many leaks that, first of all, it pollutes the environment, and second of all, you can't find all of them with one helicopter or one ground-based vehicle. You've put a fleet of these in the air and protect the environment by finding all the leaks and repairing them in a timely manner.

                                    I think we can all agree that there's nothing more important than protecting those who protect us. Within the firefighting and law enforcement communities, drones are going to bring safety to a level never seen before in those industries. Think about this. As soon as a call comes in to the fire station, not only will fire trucks deploy, drones will deploy from the station as well. Think of them as a tool, as a tool to help individuals remain safe. Humans are not going to be the first responders anymore. Some of the top drones you can buy yet are going to be the first responders. They can get to the scene much quicker than a firetruck can. They're not in traffic and they don't have to be cautious of traffic below them. They just go right to the scene and collecting that critical data.

Straightforward Guidelines For Elementary Plans For Quadcopters

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